RACF Users Group of the Northeast


General Information:

RUGONE was created in 1987 to serve the professional education needs of the RACF community in the Northeastern U.S. We hold 2 full-day meetings per year - in the Spring and Fall. RUGONE usually meets in Sturbridge, MA.


RUGONE has corporate memberships. The membership fee is $50/year. Attendees from member organizations are admitted to meetings either free of charge or at a reduced fee, and they are invited to participate in surveys to help select presentation topics.


Points of Contact:

David Bell, Talcott Resolution

Bob Hansel, RSH Consulting, Inc.

Cheryl Meehan, C&S


Upcoming Meetings:

The date, location, and agenda for our next next meeting are yet to be determined. Please check back later for more details.


Past Meetings Agendas:

Dates, sponsors, topics, and speakers from our past meetings.


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