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NEW: RSH Consulting now offers basic administration and reporting training for zSecure Admin. Click here for details about our newest course.

Level I - "It completely met my needs. The course materials and exercises were very helpful. Presentation was well-organized. I don't have anything negative to say other than I wish I would not have waited so long to take this training." Dan Connolly, LRS

Level I - "Liked Most: That it was held over the Internet and we saved time in traveling, spare time and money (for the company :-) ) and that the instructor was very very good in giving examples and telling stories about what to look out for" Kim Broberg, Nykredit

Advance your organization's RACF knowledge and skills with in-house or public training delivered by our professionals. We are very effective at sharing the technical knowledge, implementation best practices, and audit findings we have gained from many years of extensive hands-on experience.

Level I - "One of the aspects that I most liked about this course is that the Instructor worked in specific information about our sites within the training. It was extremely helpful to review the reports we ran prior to the class within the class, to talk about issues in our particular environments." Ken Whitesell, CareFirst

Level II - "I like that the course directly related to the participants own RACF Environments. It truly put your own system into perspective and gave you a long list of invaluable improvements." Sebastian Olsen, PwC Denmark

Along with an outstanding education, you will receive the benefit of free RACF consulting advice during class. As we describe each control option, we look at how the option is currently set on your system, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your particular implementation, and offer suggestions for improving controls. Attendees to our RACF audit course have found their audits are nearly half done by the end of class. One attendee exclaimed that he uncovered far more findings during the audit course than had one of our competitors in a three week RACF review. This unique quality sets RSH RACF training far above the rest.

Level I - "The 4-hour training format a day was key to absorption of the material. Best format I've ever had!" Rich Russ, Trinity Health

Level I - "Liked Most: Top notch instructor. Very interactive and keeps the students involved in all discussions." Barry Snoots, Acuity Insurance

The half-day format of our WebEx training is truly exceptional. It lets attendees keep up with day-to-day work and avoids information overload. Plus it is very affordable. There is no loss of time for travel and no travel expenses.

Level I - "The instructor was clear on all the topics. His time management skills for choosing the topics and time taken by each were good. The material provided is very helpful." Pradeep Signh Rajpurohit, Ford Motor Company

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RACF - Level I Administration

This course is intended for individuals who need to quickly become knowledgeable and proficient in basic, everyday RACF administration tasks. (more)

5 Half-Day



Apr 22-26


Oct 7-11


RACF - Level II Administration

This course is intended for individuals who have mastered basic RACF administration and are ready to advance their RACF technical skills and knowledge to the next level. (more)

5 Half-Day



Nov 4-8


RACF - Level III Administration, Audit , and Compliance

This course is designed for seasoned RACF administrators, technicians, auditors, and compliance monitors seeking to improve RACF protections for critical system resources. (more)

5 Half-Day




April 8-12


Dec 9-13, 2024

RACF - Securing z/OS Unix

This course is essential for anyone who intends to assume responsibility for maintaining z/OS Unix controls or wants to verify their z/OS Unix environment is properly secured and monitored. (more)

5 Half-Day




Sept 23-27



zSecure Admin - Basic Administration       *NEW*

This course is intended for RACF administrators who need to quickly become knowledgeable and proficient in basic zSecure Admin administration and reporting tasks. (more)

4 Half-Day




May 7-10


Nov 18-22



Level I - "The instructor's knowledge (mastery) of the material is what I liked the most. Unfortunately, in the recent past, we have come across z/os teachers that were not well versed with the material they were presenting. Robert was a good example of what other teachers should be like." Vicky Rupp, Texas Instruments


Send 3 or more people to a single seminar for a 15% discount.

Register early (8 weeks prior to a class) for a 5% discount.

Attendees who participated in an RSH training seminar within a year prior to the start of the seminar receive a 10% discount.

Government employees receive a 5% discount.

Discounts can be combined!

If RSH notices a registrant has neglected to select all eligible discounts, it is RSH policy and practice to apply them anyways.

To register for a public seminar, please complete and return our training Registration Form. Space is limited. Send us your registration soon!

RACF Unix - "The time split to half days; good balance of lecture and exercises; excellent examples. I learn so much from your courses and seminar sessions. You covered most of my questions without my asking! Thank you so much. You do an excellent job." Duana Eschenbaum, Parker Hannifin

RACF Level II - "I really liked the reports Bob had us run prior to class and the time he gave us to see exactly how our shop uses RACF. I also liked the examples Bob gave from his experience working in the field." Craig Schroeder, Shelter Mutual Insurance Company

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Private Courses:


We can present private, in-house classes dedicated to your organization or professional association chapter. Classes can be customized to fit your needs and oriented to your unique RACF configuration and implementation.


In addition to any of our public classes, we also offer the following as a private class.


RACF - Audit & Compliance Roadmap

This course is designed for IT auditors and compliance monitors seeking to identify security vulnerabilities in RACF-protected z/OS mainframe systems and bring the systems into compliance with government and industry mandated security requirements. (more)


5 Half-Day Sessions


We have the ability to deliver training in person or remotely via WebEx. The WebEx option is significantly more affordable because there are no travel costs. Courses taught via WebEx are usually scheduled in half-day sessions.


Call or email RSH_Training to request a quote.


Training Testimonials:


"My 35 years in IT Auditing is coming to a close. I want to acknowledge that out of the many training sessions and conferences I've attended, your presentations on RACF have benefited me the longest. IT and Audit individuals should take your training because of the expertise you provide."  James Werner, IT Audit Manager, MetLife

Level I - "Liked Most: The concept is pretty good and you teach clearly and quickly." Vaclav Biolek, Tieto, Czech Republic

Level I - "Robert was an excellent instructor. Pace was perfect and the 4 hours a day with 10 minutes in between was perfect as well. No complaints here." Kelly Ano, Axa Financial

Level I - "The material covered was excellent; the webex interaction allowed for questions to be answered as they arose." Mike Landry, MIB Group

Level II - "Bob's practical knowledge and experience add interesting historical perspective as well as real-world context to many aspects of security administration with RACF." Mike Landry, MIB Group

RACF Audit - "As someone who came into this class with little knowledge of RACF, the instructor taught in such a way and pace that I had no problems following along." Melissa Cavallo, MIB Group

Level II - "Liked Most: Uses RACF setup from the clients own LPARs. Best way to learn your own system and identify deficiencies that you can correct." Neil Haley, Shared Services Canada

RACF Audit - "I like Bob's interaction with us. He was not just going through the motions. He engaged us to insure we understand the concepts he was teaching." Jim Merrigan, IBM

RACF Audit - "I took your RACF Audit For Results class, and I have to say it's been a fantastic help. I'm finishing up a RACF audit right now and many of the things I learned at your class have really surprised the administrators here." IT Auditor, mid-west insurance firm

Lever II - "I enjoyed that when needed Bob Hansel customized the training to make my class much more beneficial to my organizations needs." Sarah Hawkins, Fischer International

Level I - "Liked Most: Covered all the topics necessary for Level 1 administration. Easy for beginners too." Pavan Kumar, Ford Motor Company

RACF Audit - "Handout has a lot of wisdom and tips." Frank Russo, Information Assurance Manager, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of South Carolina.

Level I - "Bob the Instructor was great. He interacted well with the attendees, encouraged feedback, and answered questions." Benjamin Halley, State of Illinois

RACF Unix - "The whole presentation was motivational. I place a lot of value on the training, and my company will benefit." Dean Caldwell, FIS

RACF Unix - "Liked Most: Sequence of evaluation for access, how/when to use different ACLs, methodology to min use of UID0." Dennis Moraw, Teacher Retirement System

Level I - "Wide variety of highly relevant topics and examples that I can take back." Pete Lundstedt, FBL Financial Group

Level I - "The reference material with examples is very helpful in getting me to tie things together." Bob Meckle, Basin Electric

Level I - "This course has a very specific and realistic goal defined - it doesn't try to cram too much information into too little time." David Kroos, Ford Motor Company

RACF Audit - "Liked Most: Course format with real examples (i.e., reports) to aid in understanding." Chris Collins, LPS

RACF Audit - "Great information and Bob is a wonderful instructor." Robyn Gilchrist, MIB Group

Level I - "Liked Most: Instructor's knowledge and enthusiasm." Brett Carter, ATOS

RACF Unix - "This training filled in several gaps in my knowledge base and will allow me to effectively secure/audit z/OS Unix. I also like that this class was web based. What a savings in travel expenses and time away from work/family." Kathy Boedeker, J.B. Hunt Transportation Services

Level I - "Very well organized. Coming from the Administration area of RACF made it very understandable. It gave me the view from an Auditor's perspective when I am adding things to RACF." Wade Juza, Acuity

RACF Audit - "Liked Most: Hands-on approach, receptive instructor with real world experience." Pratik Patel, IRS

Level I - "Liked Most: Learning the different commands is going to help me a lot in my job. Especially the User, Group, and Dataset commands." Joel Widdel, Aegon

Level III - "The class was full of depth and coverage from someone who has obviously 'been there'" Tim Shedd, Anthem

Level III - "Everyone taking the course was able to follow along with Bob. His teaching style is great." Darryl Tanner, Anthem

RACF Audit - "Excellent reference materials, good logically flow." Bill Coppola, MIB Group

RACF Unix - "He didn't talk over our heads." Tina Alford, BCBS Kansas

Level I - "The overall pace of the training - material just wasn't thrown at you without explanation. Ann Frank, The Phoenix Insurance

Level I - "Relevant to my work environment with both good examples and suggestions of best practices for administration." Dennis Bagley, Ford Motor Company

RACF Unix - "Lots of personal interaction with Bob. We were able to not only learn but review settings at our site that should be looked at." Dean Nai, State of NH

Level I - "Liked Most: That it was so well organized - time and number of lessons including breaks matched the course topics so well - no time wasted" J rgen M ller Larsen, Nykredit

Level III - "Liked Most: Details and personal observations by the instructor at various customer sites he supported." Lynn Gilson, Anthem

Level III - "I like the materials and the appendix with all the "current" commands spelt out. I also liked how we were able to suit the class to fit my organization. Also I appreciated the one on one time that Bob put forth." Brad Budyach, Publix

Level I - "I liked the fact that the sessions were 4 hours in length at max. It spaced the course material out over a good period of time, so we didn't have to cram all of this good information into 2-3 days." Charles Lee, Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Level III - "Excellent formats, details, and reference materials. Instructor is always welling to listen and explain." Floyd Womble, Anthem

Level I - "There was a lot of real world material, as opposed to high level theoretical abstract concepts." Mark Wenger, State of Wyoming

Level III - "Liked Most: The level of detail that was provided" Danielle Craig, Anthem

RACF Audit - "Liked Most: How we used our own shops to review examples for the training. Made it more real world." Mike Bushard, MIB Group

Level I - "The thing I liked most about the training was that the instructor ensured all of the topics were comprehensible." Ajuwan Cunningham, HCA

Level III - "Liked Most: The in-depth knowledge." Dominick Ramsey, UPS

Level I - "You were very thorough and the manual is awesome. I won't be able to remember everything but I feel that it's all in the manual." Mike Thibodeaux, Aegon

Level II - "The training was very informative. I felt it was very beneficial to me and well worth my time. Bob did a great job with the training!" Colette Mackin, UPS

RACF Audit - "Loved that I had one-on-one training that was geared directly towards what I do daily, and what to look for in my environment." Frank Korfias, John Deere

Level I - "Liked Most: The instructor's patience and manual." Jim Lamp, Grange Insurance Companies

Level I - "Liked Most: I really enjoyed the opportunity to look at things on my own system to get a better understanding of how things go together and how to find information." Connie Williams, Washington State Courts - Administrative Office of the Courts

Level III - "I liked looking at what I had on my system and seeing how it works." Carlos Nunes, UPS

Level II - "Liked Most: All the recommendations given throughout the class." American Electric Power

Level II - "Liked Most: That we went thru are own systems... Something I normally do not have time to do. Even if I do have experienced in RACF, it was really interesting to stop and look it all is a useful and practical way." Shared Services Canada

Level I - "The pace was perfect. Nothing had to be rushed and nothing felt needlessly drawn out." Mike Fantini, Aegon Global Technology

Level II - "The class provided a deeper understanding of the concepts presented in the first Administration class. Furthermore, Bob readily answered our questions and helped us understand our environment better so that we can use what we learned going forward. I have nothing bad to say. These have been two fantastic classes." Dan Connolly, Levi, Ray, and Shoup

Level I - "All of my questions were answered." Lou Ann Krueger, Dow Chemical

RACF Unix - "I honestly feel that these have been the most beneficial classes I have ever taken." Dan Connolly, Levi, Ray, and Shoup

Level I - "The layout of the material and the assignments that let you practice your knowledge." Justin Vavra, Northwestern Mutual

Level II - "I loved that we would look up our own installation to help understand certain concepts/configurations. We also kept a good pace. Covered a lot of ground in just one week." Justin Vavra, Northwestern Mutual

Level I - "Liked Most: exercises/class participation/hands on practice" Marlene Pittman, CIGNA

Level I - "I liked the half day format of the training and the presentation." Pabitra Mukhopadhyay, Kyndryl

Level I - "Liked Most: The easy to follow instructor and the interaction." Tony Hanks, Navy Federal Credit Union

Level I - "Liked Most: The instructor was not dry and had a sense of humor. He was willing to repeat the material and answer my questions until I understood." Wakefern Food Corp

Level I - "The training was a very comprehensive course. I was able to reinforce some of my informal RACF background as well as catch up on the way RACF has changed since I was first introduced to it." Kyndryl

Level I - "Everything was laid out in the manual and was most helpful and clearly written. Robert is highly knowledgeable and a perfect SME to present the material and answer any questions in regards to the material." Angelique Fancher, Navy Federal Credit Union

Level I - "The class progressed at a good pace and the instructor was very knowledgeable." James Leindecker, Kyndryl

Level I - "Liked Most: How the material was explained by Bob, and for me, the comparison to Top Secret was very helpful. I also liked that the answers to the exercises were at the back of the binder. This will allow us to reference the material in the future. And I appreciate that the training was broken into 5 half day sessions. I would not have been able to absorb the material as well after the 4th hour of each day." Brian Perfetto, Wakefern Food Corp

Level III - "Liked Most: Bob! Bob is fantastic. Very knowledgeable and able to convey the information very effectively." Michael Logue, Navy Federal Credit Union

Level I - "Liked Most: The knowledge of the instructor and the quality of the training materials." Ray Garbowski, Wakefern Food Corp

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